Daily Service


The Cyr Bus connects with Greyhound, 800-894-3355, and Concord Coach, 800-639-3317, in Bangor for points south. The following guidelines will help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

* No pets or animals will be carried on the bus except a service animal accompanying a person with a disability.
* Smoking is not allowed on any scheduled bus.
* Any passenger causing a disruption to the bus driver or to other passengers that is a safety hazard or an unnecessary health threat will be asked to leave the bus immediately.
* Cyr Bus Line will make every effort to stay on schedule. Circumstances beyond our control may cause a disruption in the schedule. Cyr Bus Line cannot be responsible for expenses incurred resulting from buses being late.

Accessible transportation and special assistance/needs are available. Anyone needing special assistance or accessible transportation must notify our office within 48 hours of traveling.

The Cyr Bus operates 365 days per year unless inclement weather.