Answers to a few of your questions…

What do your tours include? Round-trip transportation via deluxe motorcoach or round-trip airfare as indicated, the services of a Cyr Northstar Tour Director, overnight accommodations, admissions, meals and sightseeing as indicated for each specific tour, luggage handling for one suitcase per person, taxes and gratuities on the included meals and lodging taxes. Fly tours and rail tours will vary. Additional suitcases may be carried for an additional charge.

What is not included in the price of your tours? The customary and appreciated gratuity for the Motorcoach Driver, Tour Director and any local guide service. Meals and attractions not specified, hotel gratuities and other items of a personal nature are not included in the price of the tours.

Prices: Prices are all quoted per person. Single rate (1 person per room) allows you a private room and the price is based only on the additional charges for your non-shared room. Double rate is 2 people sharing a room with 1 or 2 beds. (Twin room accommodations are at double rate but guarantees 2 beds; usually full or queen size.) Triple/Quad rate is for 3 or 4 people sharing a room with 2 beds. In New York City, accommodations may vary and no cots are allowed due to fire codes.

When should I make reservations? You should make your tour reservation and deposit early! We recommend you reserve your seat when you decide on what tour you are interested in, at least 60-90 days prior to departure. Reservations made within 30 days of departure are accepted on a space available basis only. Fly tours and rail tours will vary. Please consult each individual tour itinerary for specific information.

How do I make reservations and deposits? We ask that a reservation form accompany all reservations. If you do not have a reservation form, the following information is required along with your payment: the name(s) of the people going on the tour, addresses, telephone numbers and any special request(s) you may have. Be sure to specify which tour you are making reservations for, the date of departure and your departure location of choice (located on the back cover of this brochure.) Please mail your reservation form and payment to Cyr Northstar Tours, P.O. Box 368, Old Town, Maine 04468. Once payment has been received, you will be mailed a Reservation Confirmation. Please review the confirmation to be sure all information is correct. Be sure to note any changes when you submit your final payment.

Can I make reservations over the phone? Reservations will be accepted over the phone based on tour availability. A tour deposit (the deposit amount is specified with each tour) will hold your space and is due at the time of reservation. We are no longer able to hold space for any time without a payment. Cyr Northstar Tours accepts Amex, MasterCard, VISA and Discover.

What if I have a special request? Special requests such as non-smoking room, adjoining rooms, low floor, or any other special needs should be noted on your original reservation form. We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but unfortunately cannot guarantee them.

What is your cancellation policy? If you need to cancel on a tour, we will do our best to assist in finding you a replacement, when possible. We cannot guarantee any replacements. When a cancellation occurs and replacements are found, fees may apply.

Overnight Tours

  • A full refund will be issued to all passengers whose cancellations are received prior to the final payment due date.
  • Cancellations received after the final payment date to 15 days prior to the tour departure will result in a loss of deposit plus any non-recoverable expenses, which would include tickets or any payments made on your behalf.
  • No refund will be issued on any tour when cancellations are received 14 days or less prior to tour departure.

Day Trip

  • A full refund will be issued to all passengers whose cancellations are received prior to the final payment date.
  • Cancellations received after the final payment to 15 days prior to tour departure will result in a cancellation fee of $25 plus any non-recoverable expenses, which would include tickets or any payments made on your behalf.
  • No refund will be issued on any tour when cancellations are received 14 days or less prior to tour departure.

In fairness to all, exceptions cannot be made. Please consult the individual itinerary for specific cancellations restrictions. Fly tours and rail tours will vary. Cancellations and transfers must be made during regular Business hours.

No-shows: No-shows will not be refunded regardless of the reason. We are on a schedule and count on you to help us keep it. If you’re not at your assigned departure location at the published time, we are not responsible and you will be considered a no-show. Changes from your assigned departure location per the final reservation confirmation must be made with our office during regular business hours. Departure location changes will not be accepted 14 days or less prior to departure date.

Can I get travel insurance? Cyr Northstar Tours is no longer offering travel insurance. Individuals can purchase travel insurance through independent companies. Please contact our office before purchasing travel insurance to make sure the trip is going as scheduled.

What about tipping? Tipping of drivers, tour directors and any local guides is not included in the price of the tour. Customary and appreciated gratuities to the tour directors and drivers are discretionary and therefore, should be extended on a voluntary, individual basis and not in the form of a group collection. The suggested tipping amount per passenger is $2 per person per day.

Will I have an assigned seat on the coach? Seating aboard our motorcoaches is assigned based upon the order we receive reservations. Guests travelling in odd numbers may be assigned to sit with other guests. Guests travelling single will likely be seated next to another guest. Rotation of seats is at the discretion of the Tour Director. We ask that requests for special seating, due to physical conditions be made at the time of reservation. A physician’s statement may be required in certain cases. Cyr Northstar Tours reserves the right to adjust seating arrangements.

What time is check-in? Hotel check-in times are usually3:00pmor4:00pm. If we arrive early, the hotel will try to accommodate, however, it is not guaranteed that your room will be available before 3:00pm.

Emergency Contact Information: Emergency contact and medical information forms are sent with final documentation. Each guest is asked to bring the completed form on the day of departure to give to the Tour Director. Please do not mail back to the office.

How much walking will I do? Our itineraries include many activities and may consist of moderate to heavy walking at times. Some of the sightseeing included in our tours can mean accessing locations that limit or restrict motorcoaches, especially in historic districts where the streets are narrow and were designed before motorcoaches were. For your comfort, we recommend bringing comfortable walking shoes. If you have questions regarding specific tours, please call.

Does Cyr Northstar Tours have a fragrance free policy?Yes. Due to the fact that many passengers and employees have respiratory sensitivities or allergies we ask that you refrain from wearing any fragrances, aftershaves, scented locations, etc…when travelling with Cyr Northstar Tours.

Is smoking allowed on the motorcoach? For the comfort and safety of all our passengers, the use of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited on our coaches. Rest stops are made frequently so those who smoke will have the opportunity to smoke outside of the bus.

Will I need identification for my tour? Yes, it is required for all tours. A driver’s license or equivalent should be carried for positive ID any time you travel.

Traveling outside of the United States: Passports will be required for all tours that are traveling outside of the United States including Canada. Canada can deny admissions to persons with criminal convictions or OUI violations. Cyr Northstar Tours cannot be held responsible for passengers who fail to provide the required documentation.

Does Cyr Northstar Tours have wheelchair lift motorcoaches?Yes we do have a limited number of accessible motorcoaches. Any accessible motorcoach or special needs required need to be noted at time of making your reservation.

Additional Information:

**Fly tour rates and schedules are subject to changes announced by the airline company.

**Cyr Northstar Tours requests that clients who require special assistance or accessible transportation please notify the office in advance.

**Published times on itineraries are as accurate as possible and subject to change due to traffic, weather, mechanical and any other conditions that prevent Cyr Northstar Tours from operating normally.

**Cyr Northstar Tours/Cyr Bus Line is not responsible for articles left on the motorcoach.

**Cyr Northstar Tours is not responsible for any typos that may occur in this vacation planner.

**Cyr Northstar Tours reserves the right to change the final payment date in order to have more time to sell a tour.

Cyr Northstar Tours is an agent for the passengers and therefore accepts no responsibility for any “extra overnights” caused by any delays due to: An Act of God, delayed departures or arrivals, missed connections, hurricanes, snow storms, riots, accidents, breakdowns, bad road conditions or any other conditions beyond our control. Cyr Northstar Tours reserves the right to change the itinerary and substitute arrangements of equal or greater value if, based on professional experience, circumstances warrant a change. Cyr Northstar Tours is not responsible for deficiencies on the part of the hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines or any other company providing services throughout the tour. Cyr Northstar Tours has the right to cancel any and all tours if bookings are inadequate, and/or decline to book any persons, making full and equitable refunds.